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W1605 - Nièvre - may 2016 - An intensive week with self-inquiry and silence - « Ending all suffering : key to a new consciousness » - (french and english) May 22 to may 29 2016 at Beaumont-la-Ferrière, France



An intensive week with self-inquiry and silence

May 22 to May 29 2016 at Beaumont-la-Ferrière, France

Ending all suffering : Key to a New Consciousness

« It is a great thing to understand suffering because then where there is freedom from sorrow there is compassion. And one is not compassionate as long as you are anchored to any belief, to your particular form of religious symbol, compassion is freedom from sorrow. And where there is compassion there is love, and with that compassion goes intelligence - not the intelligence of thought with its cunning, with its adjustments, with its capacity to put up with anything. Compassion means the ending of sorrow and only then is there intelligence. »
J.Krishnamurti - Amsterdam 1st talk 19 septembre 1981

« What we are talking about is a complete mutation in consciousness. And that is the only thing that will bring about a new world, a new civilisation, a new way of living and a new relationship between man and man. This is not a theory, because mutation is possible – and a mutation has no purpose at all. You know, we are using the word « love » very easily . If you love with a motive, it is no longer love ; it is merchandise. If you love with a purpose, it is mean, degrading. Love has no purpose. In the same way mutation comes about without purpose, without motive. Please see that, please see the difference between a change with a purpose – a change brought about through compulsion, through adjustment, through pressure, through necessity, through fear, through ambition, through industrialisation, all of which have motives – and the mutation which has no purpose at all. The very act of seeing brings about that mutation. That is, when you see something, you understand it immediately, the truth of that brings about the total alteration in one’s attitude towards life »
J.Krishnamurti in The Nature of the New Mind

The human consciousness is facing a deep crisis at every level of its existence, through its incapacity to live in peace both in the external and the psychological worlds. We are destroying nature, environment, fellow human beings through wars, through our ever-growing self-centeredness, greed and insensitivity. And inwardly we experience the same state of confusion and conflict., the outer crisis being the manifestation of our inner crisis.

What is so fundamentally wrong with us ? Is it that the human mind is too deeply caught in certain patterns and conditionings ?
It seems that from the very beginning of our presence on earth suffering has been considered as ineluctable, as part of the human condition and that we have to put up with it. So we have always tried through every possible means to deal with it as best we could, or avoid and forget it,, or rationalize, even glorify it, thus perpetuating it in an endless process.

What prevents us from approaching our suffering, from exploring it, so as to « know » its real nature, discern, see where it originates in us and thereby uproot it, put an end to it ? Is it fear ? Is it laziness ?


Such deep questions are going to be explored in this shared existential enquiry. This demands a very active and totally new disposition of mind, a certain freedom from our usual mechanical ways of thinking and feeling, and the conviction that a deep transformation, a real mutation must take place in our consciousness – now, in these crucial times – to allow love, compassion and creativity to freely flower in our lives.

The primary intention is that our entire day become a meditative process so that we can allow our minds and hearts to open up for the unknown, for our inherent goodness, trust, love and quest for truth. For this we will share introductory talks, dialogues, interactions, silent observations, listening, yoga exercises (optional), and meditation.This seminar is an open invitation to all those friends who are not satisfied with their mechanical way of living and are burning with questions. In order to participate you do not need any previous knowledge of any teachings or philosophy. What you need is a simple heart and mind which is open to listening, learning and wondering.

About the facilitator : Mukesh Gupta of Rajghat, Varanasi (India) will be facilitating this retreat. He has been engaged in the teachings of krishnamurti , Buddha and other teachers for about two decades ; has translated writings of J.Krishnamurti into Hindi ; conducted residential retreats, study groups and dialogues in India, Europe and Israël. Presently he is the coordinator of the Krishnamurti Study and Retreat Center in Varanasi, India.

Anita Burkhart – Röser, a senior yoga instructor from Germany will be offering Yoga lessons in the morning.

Mia Verkuijlen, a senior ayurvedic instructor from Holland will be offering a one-day cooking workshop on Saturday May 21st (see presentation).
See Presentation : Workshop ayurvedic cooking May 21st

With Luc’s assistance, Mia will also prepare all the meals during the intensive week facilitated by Mukesh Gupta. This will give informal opportunities for questions about Ayurveda.

Dates :

- Arrival : Sunday 22 may, 2016 by 16.00. First meeting and introduction at 19 : 00
Monday 23 May, seminar begins at 10 : 00
- Departure : Sunday 29 May, Seminar concludes by 14.00
Venue « La Maison », Champ de la Fontaine, Le Bourg, Beaumont-la-Ferrière, France

Costs :

Charges for the whole seminar :
500€ ( + 50€ for the yoga course), lodging, boarding and seminar charges , all included. (800€ for couples)
Advance registration fee : 100€ (refunded if cancellation, up to 15 May)
Balance on arrival : 400 (or 700) €

Website :

For details and reservation contact : Christiane Joseph
- +33 (0) 3 86 60 15 07
- +33 (0) 6 84 11 32 62 (mobile)
- e-mail : christiane.joseph2

Day schedule ( with flexibility, according to the needs of the group)

- 7 : 30 to 8 : 30 : Yoga (optional

- 8 : 30 to 9 : 30 : Breakfast

- 10 : 00 to 12 : 45 : Introductory talk, Silence and Dialogue/Inquiry

- 13 : 00 to 14 : 00 : Lunch in Silence

- 14 : 00 to 15 : 00 : Rest

- 15 : 15 to 16 : 30 : Video Talk of Krishnamurti

- 17 : 00 to 18 : 00 : Nature walk in Silence

- 18 : 00 to 19 : 00 : Light Supper

- 20 : 45 to 21 : 30 : Sharing session before going to bed

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